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How to choice wallpapers for a room

Use of wallpaper is a great way of bringing multiple colors, effects and tones into a room rather than use of one single paint color. Usafi Interiors uses wallpapers in interior design to give a contemporary feel. Wallpapers can be used to enlarge and enlighten a stale space or create an eye-catching focal point depending on the interior design preference. Usafi Interiors uses the following factors to determine the wallpapers to use in a room.

Factors to consider in choice of wallpapers

  • Textured wallpapers

Wallpaper textures add warmth and intimacy to a cooler. A more open and drafty space of the home is easily achievable through textural wallpaper. You can choice from natural threads or patterned options, and the tactile effect creates a lovely enclosing energy.

  • Floral wallpapers

Flowered wallpapers can be perceived as popular, but when choosing a wallpaper for your home the most important thing is that you love it. Floral wallpapers make a room feel warm and relaxing. Usafi Interiors uses floral wallpapers in its interior design to make a room welcoming

  • Geometric wallpapers

Usafi Interiors uses wallpapers with geometric shapes in its interior design to bring the simulated effects. Monochrome shapes and designs can be subtly done with bold black and white. Triangles, squares and multi-colored approaches offer a hard-to-miss statement.


Hire a wallpaper Company(Usafi Interior Design)

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