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How to choose paint colour for an accent wall

An accent wall should be painted a different paint colour than the other paint walls of the room, accent wall is the focal point of a room therefore and the paint colour should be outstanding. Painting the accent wall a different paint colour makes the room lively and different size at it is. When choosing an accent wall paint colour, once has to consider some painting factors. Usafi Interiors uses the paint colour theory in its interior design works to give a contemporary feel.

Factors to consider in deciding the accent wall paint colour.

  • Warm paint colour theory

Warm paint colours are paint colours that makes the room feel warm, these paint colours are; orange, yellow, and red. Warm paint colours tend to pull the accent wall close to the eye, this makes a space appear smaller. Warm paint colour works best on accent wall that can be shorten, say a big room. A good place to use a warm accent wall is in a long, narrow room, by painting an end wall; it will create a more balanced room


  • Cool paint colour theory

Cool paint colours are paint colours that make a room relaxed. Cool paint colours are; green, blue, and purple. Cool paint colours tend to push the walls away from the eye, which makes a small room appear larger and wider. Using a cool paint colour on an end wall or side wall in a room, you can make a small room appear larger and wider. While using ceiling as your accent wall; paint a low ceiling a cool paint colour to give the impression that the ceiling is higher than it is.


Hire a Painting Company(Usafi Interior Design)

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